Arthur Lawrence

Arthur Lawrence grew up wanting to be a poet. As a young man he was pushed into the working world, setting literature aside and spending his energy becoming an organization man. This took him from his home in North Toronto and let him experience the rest of Canada.

Forty years later, he retired as a Vice President. He and his wife Dorothy happily resettled to Vancouver Island, where his creative instincts re-emerged through books.

Fearful Master is his first published book.


I wrote Fearful Master about five years ago. The Arab Spring was underway but our wars in the Middle East dragged on. I was concerned and not at all optimistic over where all of this was headed.

Over time I sent the novel to scores of agents or publishers, with not the slightest interest shown by any. So I shelved it. Now it's finally in print, thanks to Promontory, but meanwhile its message has become even more disquieting.


Media & Press

BC author defends save on Muslims.
Arthur Lawrence says we have to get along with Muslims

“Christians don’t have to like Islam or any other religion besides their own, but they have to recognize that Christians comprise only one third of the world’s population, and a shrinking third at that. Nowadays we have world problems, especially climate change, that demand world cooperation to be confronted. If religions go on attacking each other we’ll never solve anything. Believe what you need to, but give other faiths (or lack of Faith) enough room to avoid these dangerous confrontations.”
So says the author of “Fearful Master”, a near-future novel that finds the United States with a right-wing administration, huge numbers of Muslims under detention, and a covert opposition with some support from Canada (in spite of Canadian government unwillingness to take any stand.)
The author wrote the novel five years ago when he first began to worry over the rise of Islamophobia in the West. Now it’s common, and growing, in Lawrence’s opinion. “The more we attack Islam, the more we encourage movements like ISIS” says the novelist.

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